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Stephen Sumney - Production Designer

A California native with many years spent in New York City, Sumney has over 25 years production experience and five hundred plus television commercials to his name. With two AICP© Awards, an Emmy©, several DA&D Pencils© and numerous group awards, he has garnered priceless experience in all areas of Art Department and Production Design execution. Originally focusing on fine art and interior design, he has seamlessly dovetailed those experiences into his practice.


Sumney has traveled to countless foreign countries with new production centers and has worked with many top Directors, Producers, DoP's and Production Companies. 


Distant and remote locations include: Hawaii, Mexico, Bimini, the Caribbean, Canada, Nova Scotia, New Foundland, Fogo Island, England, Ireland, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Holland, Denmark, Iceland, Switzerland, Monaco, Czech Republic, Hungary, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Japan, New Zeland, and over 30 states.

Directors: Brian Aldrich, Brian Beleltic, Adam Berg, Fredrik Bond, Neal Brennan, David Dobkin, Peter Care,  Peter Carstairs, Sarah Dunlop, Filip Engstrom, Speck / Gordon, Ivan Grbovic, Oscar Homedal, Januz Kaminski, Robert Logevall, the Pelorian Brothers, Jeff Priess, Jeffery Plansker, Antoine Bardot-Jacquet, Jeff Low, Max Malkin, Bennett Miller, Ben Mor, Phil Morrison, Dave Myers, Steve Miller, Keith Schofield, Guy Shelmerdine, Isiah Seret, Jake Scott, Stylewar, Peter Thwaites, Traktor,  Stacy Wall, Malik Vitthal...

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